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Ready to create tomorrow's new society - together with small businesses in Sweden and within the EU. The engine of the transition from exclusion to internal exclusion is the EUSL Group, whose purpose is to make it attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises to work with and for people in exclusion without any personal gain. The EUSL Group operates in three areas; Business, authorities and private individuals. Combined, these three areas are so extensive that most conceivable scenarios for what integration, exclusion and accessibility can be thought to be included. The goal is to develop holistic solutions for all three areas so that society allows everyone to take part in it up to their own ability, while at the same time being attractive to small and medium-sized companies and reducing the pressure on the current municipality and government system.

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About us

The European Social Label Group, abbreviated EUSL Gruppen, is a conglomerate with six different activities and industries. Together, they create a unity of diversity, inclusion and integration with the goal of solving Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges. Within the EUSL Group, this is defined as a person over 15 years of age and without employment for at least 30 days. Thereafter, the person is to be considered in an exclusion.

The EUSL Group, as a concept, is something we have created and built for small and medium-sized companies in a way where it can be seen as an investment for companies to work with or for people in exclusion. By making it attractive to work with these issues, we can change our approach and change the world for the better.

The core business is based on the idea-driven but focuses on bringing together the idea-driven and private sector. The EUSL Group is membership-driven, which means that members largely define what the EUSL Group should do. As the name suggests, the goal is a European activity, which means that EUSL, together with the business community, wants to create an EU standard for how we solve the exclusion problem together. 

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The seven activities that make up the conglomerate EUSL Gruppen in the long list are here with longer explanations of each part.

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Member-controlled activities

Members of the European Social Label stand out from many other organizations as it is for-profit companies that have taken a stand against injustice and exclusion in today's society. The general goal is to solve Europe's integration problems by creating a new, economically sustainable model that becomes attractive to small businesses. The effect of this will be a model that is not financed by taxes but is run as a business.

This means that the EUSL Group and its members can adapt their activities much faster than an authority and can also carry out specific initiatives in areas where authorities today cannot be active. The EUSL Group sees itself as a cross between an authority and a company, and it is the idea-driven idea that comes first. 

The EUSL Group is divided into three branches that together take on all directions of exclusion, integration and diversity. To make us more accessible to the outside world, the EUSL Foundation was formed to act as a front for EUSL but also to show in a simple way what EUSL and its members work with. While the EUSL Group is run in an idea-driven way, the services are developed for small businesses to want to become members. The services aim to reduce costs, increase efficiency and highlight our members' brands. The surplus from the membership fee goes in full into the EUSL Foundation, where members can together create locally adapted social projects for a more inclusive society. 

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The EUSL Group and EUSL EU, which is the member organization within the European Social Label, constitute two of a total of five divisions within the business. The other three are the ECSR Group, EUSL Core and EUSL SCC, where it is previously a business aimed at wholesalers and suppliers, while EUSL Core is the business factory that produces its own companies with our own concepts to show that our reasoning works in practice. The latter is for non-profit activities such as school and sports. 

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ECSR Group | for wholesalers 

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EUSL Core | The business factory

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EUSL SCC | Education and sports

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1. Membership

It all starts with membership. You become a member of EUSL because you either want to give your company the chance to increase sales, because you want to be part of and contribute to a more inclusive society where you are active or a combination of the two. 

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2. Services 

Together with members, EUSL develops services and offers that members can benefit from. It can be a video conferencing system, CRM system, new collaborations and networks, training, entrepreneurship programs or something else. The members largely decide.

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3. A new ecosystem

Too many a bit abstract to think about, but EUSL wants to create several snowball effects at the same time, which in the long run will be a new ecosystem for how we together with the business community solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges. The goal is a completely new financing model for integration.

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EUSL Foundation

The foundation that ensures that the surplus reaches those who need it most

European Social Label is run with the idea-driven idea, which means that there is a bigger goal than that some owners will ultimately make money. Instead, the surplus goes directly into our own foundation, which in turn distributes funds to various social projects, which are fully defined by the members. It is therefore a bit of a joke to say that the EUSL Foundation is a stupid foundation as it is subordinate to someone else. The EUSL Foundation is our and our members' ultimate showcase. Here they are seen by performing what we call social contributions in society, which means that our members are actively involved and create a better society around them.

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Service done right

Your thoughts and opinions are important to us and we would like you to get in touch. Do you want to become a member, submit proposals for an education, need help from the foundation or get some of the concepts explained or maybe just a better understanding of how everything is connected? Send an email or fill in the form.

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