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The history of the EUSL Group began in August 2017 and it took over six months for the first business to even get its organization number. Already here we should have guessed what a challenge it would be to tackle Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges. We formed Sweden's first and only European cooperative to establish a European model or platform to make it attractive for small businesses to work with people in isolation. 

 From the beginning, we all agreed that if the current method was ineffective, we could not go in with our goal of solving the integration issue by doing it in the same way as everyone else - so with this delay, we decided that we were on the right track, completely simply by being different and taking on the challenge in a new way. Over time, the development came and we founded the first supplement, another European cooperative called European Future Label.

What distinguishes the two organizations from each other is the target group: EUSL is aimed at micro and small and medium-sized enterprises, but EUFL is aimed at authorities, municipalities and EU programs such as the ESF and Horizon 2020/2027. The activity also helps small businesses to apply for EU grants and project funds. 


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About the EUSL Group

When we had started scratching the surface and it began to become clear what challenges there were, it soon became clear that one or two activities would not be enough. We saw restrictions and conservatism where we and our European cooperatives were the opposite and live for innovation and new ideas. We also saw how authorities and other organizations continued to pour more money into a model that gave extremely dubious results and someone expressed that if a company had been run in the same way, it would go bankrupt, very quickly. Issues such as integration, gender equality and diversity were pursued neither efficiently nor in a sustainable model, we thought. 

So we started thinking about what it was that made it so crazy. With a background in the private, state and municipal sector, both from Sweden and abroad, it did not take long, however, for even we saw that it was precisely the private sector, with a focus on small businesses, that the problem lay. There was neither the time nor the financial means to support this sector without at the same time risking distorting the competitive market. So this is what we are trying to do with the seven activities within the EUSL Group: Create a model that small companies want to tackle on their own initiative and that they can finance or invest in themselves


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We believe that integration and social responsibility are "the next big thing". When we created the EUSL Group, the idea was to create a concept that then became something more that in the next event we would take for granted and apply to all companies, regardless of size or type. Some people think we need to waste less resources, but we think we need to use our resources smarter and use current knowledge to develop tomorrow's knowledge - and we can only do that if we move forward.

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Our view is that the existing model for integration is outdated, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Tax-financed solutions are slow and difficult to define. The same problem exists in all European countries so it felt like a good idea to create the first European cooperatives in Sweden to start from.

Our goal is to add value for micro and small and medium-sized companies to work with integration. By doing so, we turn away from a taxpayer perspective to a perspective that requires results and high efficiency. By doing so, we also change the market completely.

As our members, companies across Europe, sell more, they will need to recruit more, which defines tomorrow's employees as affecting society as a whole. More taxes come in and less taxes go out. The effect is that we not only drive new business to our members, we are also involved and actively relieve existing authorities so that they can better focus on their main task. In practice, it can be said that we both challenge and support existing systems to get better, while at the same time creating a partly completely new ecosystem. 

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