The European Social Label Group, or EUSL for short, is a conglomerate of six different business as well as bransches. Together they create a unity of diversity, inclusion and integration. This unity, as a concept, is something we apply to the SME, small/medium enterprises – sector in a way where it can be seen as an investment, and not just as a cost. By making it attractive for the SME- sector to work with these important questions we can change the world for the better. 

The European Social Label at its core is an non-governmental organization, NGO, and as such membership driven meaning we are in it without any profit in mind. As the name suggest, the core is a European cooperative meaning all members gain access to the European Union as well as The European Economic Area, EEA, within the membership. The European Social Label’s members differ from most other NGO’s as our member base are substantially based in the SME- sector.

The general goal is to solve Europes integration problems by creating a new, financially sustainable model for integration which is not funded by taxes but rather more of a business to business variant. All this is very complicated so the group created three main divisions: EUSL, EUFL and Social Green House, combined targetting all aspects of exclusion,  integration and diversity. For all work with inclusion The EUSL Foundation was created, featuring all the work our members do. 

Swipe left to see the different services we offer our members or press the button below to read more about the core of our business. Our service towards our members are based on a good return of investment for them and a better world to live in for us. 

Integration done right, as we call it.

European Social Label

Making it attractive for the private sector to work with integration

European Future Label

Educational programs to create a new future

Social Green House

Let us help you convert your talent into a lucrative business

S’agapo Store

A mutual marketplace for our members


Factoring done right

EUSL Foundation

All of the membership fee’s goes back to the society

Social Impact House

Our local business hubs for our members

About us

We just love showing you what we are about and our purpose in life


Ranking done right


EUSL Foundation

Change done right.

All members pays a membership fee to enjoy services such as S’agapo Store and Growthify but the fee also goes directly back to society in the shape of local projects. The idea is to add some value to our members brands by letting them run social projects near them and show that to our customers.


Entrepreneuship done right.

Social Green House is a part of The European Social Label conglomerate which target the aspiring entrepreneur who has the idea but not the knowledge. Or has the knowledge but in an earlier attempt failed. Signing up for The Social Green House program the entrepreneur gets a membership in The European Social Label as well as help and support both from the organization as well as all members. We like to call it sponsorship as The European Social Label generates new customers to our members as well as helping someone else starting up his or her business.

Social Impact House

Where ever the Social Green House program goes, the Social Impact House will follow. It’s the focal point of meeting between European Social Label, the members and participants in the Social Green House program. It is also the meeting place for visitors and guests to get the first glimps of our work. Social Impact House is the first visible point where the validation system is always shown as a reference product for other members. 


Opens 2020-09-01

At S’agapo Store all members in EUSL sell their products and services as well as recruits new employee’s on our own developed platform. In our consumer-driven society it is good to know that when you do your shopping at S’agapo Store you will always help someone else into a better life by creating a job opportunity. 


Factoring done right

With Growthify we saw a lot of missed opportunities. Not only from a selling perspective but also from a buyers perspective. Literally millions were lost each year because a seller could not offer an attractive payment solution. Literally millions of people around us were disappointed because their shopping cart was full but no fitting payment solution was offered. 

Growthify changes all that as we offer our members a new factoring services, including down payments and invoices, between all European Union and European Economic Area countries in one membership. 


Find all our members here

The European Social Label has some amazing members. We are certain of it. So we thought we should tell you a little about them. Here you will find all our members, a little about their business, social media and what they do to create a better world. 


Education done right.

There is no one way to go

The European Future Label, EUFL, is part of the European Social Label Group conglomerate which focuses on education. EUFL is an umbrella organization for country specific schools with purpose of creating meaningful and effective education for its students, based on what members in The European Social Label are asking for. The courses are usually short but very effective and they all have in common that they are defined by someone who need this specific competence once the course has finished. 



Care to Change The World

The core of the European Social Label Group is The European Social Label. Here is where we put all our members together to network, share experiences and develop market strategies. The European Social Label is the first and most important part of the conglomerate that is The European Social Label Group and is responsible for every other service mentioned. The purpose is to develop services that are attractive for current as well as new members to gain the upper hand on their rivals. Combined with the non-governmental organization that The European Social Label Group is, we can change the world!

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Service done right

Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here to answer. You can call us by phone or email us directly. 

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